The 2nd Dealer Summit Forum was successfully held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province
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          On December 10-11, 2018, the 2nd CMTBA Distributor Summit Forum was held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with the theme of “Fusion-Fusion”. The forum is sponsored by the Distributor Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association and co-sponsored by Germany Wadrich Coburg Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Genesis Machinery Co., Ltd., and Kode CNC Co., Ltd. Wang Liming, Secretary-General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, attended the forum and delivered a speech. More than 350 participants from senior level in key customer areas, the chief executive of manufacturing enterprises, senior experts in related industries and member units of distributors’branches participated in the forum. The two-day forum consists of three parts: the main forum, the sub-forum and the closing forum. The sub-forum is conducted in the form of speeches and dialogues, with sufficient exchanges and a large amount of information.

          Main Forum: Crossroads of Industry Development

          On the morning of the 10th, the main forum was chaired by Zhang Jun, Vice President of the Distributor Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association and Chairman of Hubei Sanhuan Complete Set Industry Co., Ltd. It fully discussed the macroeconomic environment for the development of machine tool industry, the forecast of the future trend of the main international and domestic markets, the development direction of key machine tool products technology, etc. and formulated the future development strategy for the distributors. Make guidance.

          In his speech, Secretary-General Wang Liming pointed out that the focus of the current work of the machine tool industry is still to accelerate transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment. At present, the machine tool industry is in a critical period of development, and it is also the crossroads of development. The distributors closely linked with the machine tool industry are also at such a crossroads, which need continuous innovation and structural adjustment. Wang Liming believed that: the distributor group should keep abreast of the needs of the user industry, adjust the product structure of the distribution and close to the high-end products, which is the primary direction of the construction of the distributor team and capacity-building; the distributor should adjust the supply channels and sales channels, constantly open up new markets and further subdivide the market; the distributor should adjust the distribution mode, make full use of the network and information technology. Means such as transformation to distributors and service providers to provide users with quality pre-sale and after-sale services. In addition, distributors also need to form a comprehensive integration with the machine tool industry chain, to serve users in an all-round way, to create greater economic benefits for users. Finally, Wang Liming invited the participants to participate actively in CIMT2109, which will be held in Beijing from April 15 to 20, 2019, to celebrate the industry event.

          Jing Xiaobo, former inspector of the Coordinating Bureau of Operation Monitoring of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, made a report on the macro situation of China’s industrial economy. In 2018, China’s industrial production is steadily slowing down, he particularly analyzed the problems that need attention: first, the growth of domestic demand is slowing down; second, the uncertainties of Sino-US trade frictions have led to export-grabbing effect; third, the downward pressure of some provinces and municipalities has increased, and the industrial growth rate of more than half of the provinces has fallen year-on-year; fourth, the operation of enterprises in various industries has been divided, and the upstream energy and raw materials industries have been Production growth accelerated, the growth rate of downstream industries generally fell, and the growth rate of industrial added value of private enterprises continued to decline. Fifth, enterprises still have more difficulties, enterprise financing difficulties, product inventory growth rebounded, the pressure of enterprise repayment increased, liquidity was obviously tight. Sixth, PMI of manufacturing purchasing managers (November) fell back to the prosperity and decline line again. In 2019, China’s economic operation will show the following characteristics: the momentum of global economic recovery is weakening, the uncertainty of Sino-US trade frictions still exists, domestic demand growth is stable, the price rise of industrial products will further decline, and the growth of enterprise profits will further slow down.

          Song Heping, former investigative Commissioner of the Trade Relief Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, made a report on the hot issues of the Sino-US trade war. He analyzed in detail the causes, essence, impact, resolution, response and Enlightenment of the Sino-US trade war. In recent years, the United States has launched a series of investigations into China’s high-end manufacturing and high-tech development industries. Equipment manufacturing industry has become the most important industry in the US 337 China-related survey (Intellectual Property Survey), including 4-G communication equipment, integrated circuits, micro-electromechanical systems, sensors and other high-tech equipment products. These products are not only the key areas of Made in China 2025, but also the key areas of global industrial structure upgrading and emerging industry development in the future. They are also the key technology nodes in the technology system. The future Sino-US trade frictions will be long-term, complex and uncertain. For the manufacturing industry, an important response is to adhere to independent innovation, increase R&D efforts, and climb the technological peak.

          Zhang Ming, consultant of China Automobile Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd., made a report on the development of China’s automobile industry and the demand for machine tool industry. She pointed out that the automobile industry has entered a period of steady development, characterized by a certain degree of market saturation, stable development of the industry, rational development, more emphasis on product quality, to meet individual needs. In terms of macro-policy, the state plans to focus on developing energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles and smart-net combined vehicles in the future. Zhang Ming suggested that the machine tool industry should fully understand the development plan of the automobile industry; find the development path of the supply side and grasp the information, including the structure of automobile products and the demand of enterprises; seize the opportunity and develop products suitable for customers’needs with big data; maintain communication and communication with automobile enterprises, develop synchronously and supply effectively.

          Liu Bingye, former director of Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, made a report on the development of precision and ultra-precision CNC machine tools at home and abroad. He focused on the general situation of the development of CNC machine tools, the common technology of precision CNC machine tools, the common technology and application of ultra-precision CNC machine tools, analyzed in detail the gap between Chinese machine tools and international advanced level machine tools, and pointed out the future research direction of precision machine tools. He emphasized that precision and ultra-precision machine tools are machine tools that developed countries attach great importance to and take measures to control. Precision and ultra-precision machine tools reflect the competitiveness of a country’s manufacturing technology. If the technology involved is missing, a country will face the threat of safety and control.

          Tang Limin, a researcher of Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., made a report on “Exploration of the Connotation and Extension of High-grade CNC Equipment and Aeronautical Engineering Applications”. He introduced the development status of advanced CNC machine tools in the field of aviation manufacturing, and explained in detail Chengfei’s efforts and explorations in the Localization Practice of intelligent production line of high-end CNC machine tools since 2010, which further established confidence for domestic machine tool manufacturers and distributors.

          Sub-Forum: Deep Integration

          On the afternoon of the 10th, the sub-forums were held by manufacturers, users, distributors and industry experts to give speeches and exchanges on relevant topics, and to organize dialogue and discussion, with a warm atmosphere.

          The theme of sub-forum 1 is “Made in China with Good Equipment”. It is presided over by Feng Yuanwen, Vice-Chairman of Distributor Branch and Chairman of Sichuan Elite Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Chen Jihong, Chairman of Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., Heng Dechao, General Manager of Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., Li Qingyao, General Manager of Baoji Zhongzhong Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Liu Shousheng, General Manager of Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory, Chen Zhou, General Manager of Shandong Tide Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and Ma Shengqiang, General Manager of Round Grinding (United Grinding) Group, respectively. Give a speech. Finally, it is a dialogue session, the theme of which is “How to make high-quality equipment”, presided over by Wang Zhiming, former chief mechanic of Oriental Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. The guests of the dialogue are from machine tool manufacturers, users, distributors, industry experts and other groups.

          The theme of sub-forum 2 is “Core Technology Lights ChinaSmart Manufacturing”, presided over by Hu Bo, Vice-Chairman of Distributor Branch and Chairman of Taiyuan Xinfengtong Machinery and Electrical Trade Co., Ltd. Sun Lixi, General Manager and Doctor of Engineering, Shanghai Yashida Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Antian Industrial Co., Ltd., Han Cedar, General Manager of Feibelapple Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Feng Xiaowei, Technical Manager of Demagyson Precision Machine Tool Trading Co., Ltd., SKTD on behalf of Ban Service Co., Ltd. Jintian Zhenghong, and Ruan, Minister of Applied Technology of Japan Muye Machine Tool (China) Co., Ltd. Ann Ye gave speeches separately. Finally, the theme of the dialogue is “high-end manufacturing needs and technical solutions”, presided over by Wang Zhihua, the representative of China Machinery and Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. in Japan. The guests of the dialogue are also from machine tool manufacturers, users, distributors, industry experts and other groups.

          Closing Forum: The Way to Transform, Upgrade and Develop Distributors

          The closing forum will be held on the morning of November 11. Liu Zongyi, chairman of the distributor branch and chairman of Qingdao Liding Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech on “Fusion-Fusion”, pointing out the changes experienced by the distributor group and the future development direction under the current macroeconomic situation and the critical period of transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry. He specifically described five aspects: first, the change of external environment faced by distributors; second, the integration of distributors and customers; third, the integration of distributors and manufacturers; fourth, what distributors do in the face of changes; fifth, the transformation, upgrading and development of distributors. At present, the innovation and change of artificial intelligence, digitalization and manufacturing technology have become an inevitable trend. Distributors should integrate with customers and manufacturers in depth, integrate resources, have the ability to integrate the best resources, integrate the best products, integrate the related high-quality accessories, tools, intelligent products, financial products and other resources, and link industry needs and industries. Experts, human resources and manufacturing resources have the ability to customize customer service, realize technology-driven market, technology-driven industry development, thus becoming an important promoter of the development of machine tool industry.

          At the forum, entrepreneurs in machine tool industry shared their technological innovation and development achievements in their respective fields. Mr. Liu Zhongbai, the chief representative of Wadrich Kebao Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Germany, Mr. Chen Hu, the general manager of Kede CNC Co., Ltd., Mr. Xia Jun, the chairman of Shenzhen Genesis Machine Co., Ltd., and Mr. Hu Hong, the general manager of Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., made speeches, introducing the development of the industry and the production and operation status of their respective

          After the speech, distributors signed the Framework Agreement for Strategic Cooperation with some emerging manufacturers, and distributor member enterprises signed the Convention on Enterprise Integrity of the Distributor Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association.

          After the forum, the participants visited Shenzhen Genesis Machinery Co., Ltd.